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  • Harvesters
     seeks to encourage and equip men in their Christian faith, to challenge them to walk more closely with Jesus Christ, and to help them live in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Harvesters aims to build relationships between men which encourage spiritual growth, faith-sharing, friendship, and mutual support on their spiritual journeys.
  • Harvesters exists, not to compete with parishes or other church organisations, but to build on the spiritual foundations already laid, and to help men to be more engaged in giving good Christian leadership and service in their families, local churches, communities, and workplaces.
  • Harvesters seeks to offer sound Christian teaching, and to help men to be better husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and members of society.
  • Harvesters as a name reminds us of Luke 10:2 where Jesus describes the harvest as plentiful but in need of more labourers.
  • Harvesters encourages and helps men to share their faith with others.



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  • Christian men refreshed, encouraged, challenged, envisioned, built up in their faith and confirmed in their identities as men loved by God, with dignity, value, and a particular calling.
  • Men praying, sharing, receiving healing, helping one another, and talking together about their spiritual journeys.
  • Men forming new local and regional groups.
  • Men wanting to be more active in serving God in their families, parishes, neighbourhoods, and places of work and leisure.
  • Men growing in unity and friendship with those from other Christian churches and traditions.
  • Men encouraged and inspired to share their Christian faith with others.
  • Men so on fire with the love of God, that it makes a difference in everything they do. 


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  • Harvesters
     organises annual weekends of celebration, teaching, fellowship, sport, and relaxation, for between 130 and 180 men. more...
  • As a result of the contacts and friendships made at these annual weekends, a number of local area groups have been formed, meeting regularly throughout the year for prayer, sharing and friendship. more...
  • A further development has been a number of regional days organised by the local groups. From time to time there are also special local weekend events. more...
  • For several years, a group of Harvesters has travelled to Africa in response to invitations to help establish similar local ministries. The costs for these trips are covered by the money given as offerings at the annual weekends. more...
  • Harvesters offers a website, newsletters, general information, and articles on spirituality and issues of particular importance to Christian men. more...
  • There is no requirement to make a long term commitment to any group or activity, and there is freedom to come and go without demands or explanations.


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