Rediscovering the Gift of Faith • by PETER

For a year leading up to my first Men’s Weekend at Woldingham Park in July 2005, I had been praying almost every day for the coming of the Holy Spirit in my life. However, as time went by, I began more and more to dismiss my Christian faith.

Set Free From Slavery • by AIDAN

An incredible series of events have brought me to make a life-changing decision that is rapidly freeing me from being a slave to the way I have always lived. I wanted to share my experience of attending the 2005 men’s weekend at Woldingham Park in the hope that it will resonate in the hearts of other men.

Being A Son Of God • by MIKE GOLDSMITH

As I arrived at the Men's Weekend at Woldingham feeling absolutely wiped out, I was aware of how stress and overwork, mostly business related, was having a negative impact on my marriage, my family life and hence my spiritual life. On the Friday evening, the speaker, the Anglican Bishop Graham Dow, said: "Position in life, and pride, are both the work of the devil, dignity is gained through being a son of God." 

A Charismatic Initiation • by IAN STEWART

I have for many years been vaguely aware of the Charismatic Movement but until my visit to a men’s weekend at Stonyhurst College in July 2003 my exposure to prayer and life in the Holy Spirit had been remarkably limited. This was not because I was "anti". I simply didn’t think the Charismatic Movement had much to offer which was relevant to my development as a Christian. How wrong I was!

Healing The Father Wound • by JONATHAN WAKEFIELD

I had this deep feeling rising within me as I attended the weekend at Woldingham Park in July 2002, a feeling that said 'something good is going to happen, the Holy Spirit is going to do something great for me' this weekend. I was not to be disappointed, although it was not what I expected. 

Beginning Of Something Important • by TERRY O'SULLIVAN

Some months ago I picked up a leaflet for a Men's Weekend being run at Stonyhurst College. I signed up for it, sent off the money (great price for a weekend away from it all in sunny Lancashire) and waited to see what happened. I felt I had to sit down and write what it was like and what I got out of it.

This is 'The Living Christ' • by PHIL GORDON

MAYBE I SHOULD COME CLEAN AT THE OUTSET and explain that the weekend at Woldingham held no special significance or attraction for me, other that as an opportunity to meet up with an old friend. He had attended the weekend the previous year and I was impressed with his observations and his enthusiasm for the place and the people he had met there.


• An amazing and rewarding experience (Terry)


• I have never felt so close to God as at these weekends. The effects have changed my life (Aidan)


• These weekends have helped me overcome years of feeling inferior in the company of men. Just come…! (Jack)


• I left feeling inspired and my spiritual batteries recharged…(Steve)


• I benefitted hugely from the small group sharing, knowing I'm not alone with my 'men's issues' (Peter)


• These weekends make me a better man, a better father and a better husband - and my wife agrees! (Stuart)