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Scotus College, Lancaster University & Woldingham Park

"There has been a palpable sense of God moving among His people this weekend. The talks have been inspiring and thought-provoking ..." 

Scotus College, Mount St Mary's College & Woldingham Park

"I came away being more affirmed in my male identity and able to give myself to the Lord ..." 

Mount St Mary's College & Woldingham Park
"What can I say? As a first-timer, I found the whole experience amazing, uplifting, inspiring, challenging, knackering..."

Woldingham Park & Stonyhurst College
"I very much enjoyed the weekend and found no fault with the event, its location or the environment. I came away refreshed in the Spirit..." 

Woldingham Park & Stonyhurst College
"I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Thank you very much. The talks and worship were very uplifting and encouraging..."

Woldingham Park & Stonyhurst College
"I was powerfully touched by God’s anointing. I couldn’t do anything to stop it... and the anxiety I have been feeling has ceased"


• An amazing and rewarding experience (Terry)


• I have never felt so close to God as at these weekends. The effects have changed my life (Aidan)


• These weekends have helped me overcome years of feeling inferior in the company of men. Just come…! (Jack)


• I left feeling inspired and my spiritual batteries recharged… (Steve)


• I benefitted hugely from the small group sharing, knowing I'm not alone with my 'men's issues' (Peter)


• These weekends make me a better man, a better father and a better husband - and my wife agrees! (Stuart)