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OVER THE YEARS we have experienced a rich banquet of teachings at our Weekends Away for Men from solid Christian speakers from around the world. Not only did we want to make these more accessible to men who have attended the weekends, but we also wanted to share them with others. So, here they are.

You may want to consider burning a talk or two to a CD or downloading it onto your mp3/mp4 player or iPod. Alternatively, you may wish to listen to these with a group of other guys and make an evening of it.


Downloadable talks can be found below in two settings:
(i) in WMA format (Windows Media Audio) and (ii) in mp3 format.

To download one of the talks below onto your computer, removeable disk, or to save it so as to later upload it onto an mp3 player or ipod, or to burn it to a CD or DVD:
  •  Microsoft Windows: right-click with the mouse over the word 'Download' on the selected file and choose "Save Target As…"
  •  Apple: place the cursor over the selected file, hold down the 'Ctrl' key, click and selectDownload Linked File'


  Speaker: David Payne
Theme: Aspects of his personal testimony
Event: Woldingham Men's Weekend 2009
Date: 10 July 2009
  •  WMA (33m,09s; 7.74MB) Download
  •  mp3 (33m,09s; 45.5MB) Download
  Speaker: Jim Murphy
Theme: Discipleship with Jesus
Event: Woldingham Men's Weekend 2009
Date: 11-12 July 2009
  Talk 1 •  WMA (1hr,04m; 15.2MB) Download 
  Talk 2 •  WMA (1hr,06m; 15.3MB) Download 
  Talk 3 •  WMA (44m,19s; 10.5MB) Download

  Talk 1 •  mp3 (1hr,04m; 36.2MB) Download 
  Talk 2 •  mp3 (1hr,06m; 36.3MB) Download 
  Talk 3 •  mp3 (44m,19s; 27.5MB) Download


To order a full set of conference talks from the 2011 Men's Weekend, featuring Barry Mizen and Ulf Ekman as our main speakers, please contact:

Agape Ministries, 58 Marshside Road, Southport PR9 9TH. Tel: 01704 224286. E-mail: [email protected] 

NFCM, the USA's National Fellowship for Catholic Men, has a varied collection of resources and training materials available for Catholic men.


Click here for details of resources, categorised under four headings:
Living as a Catholic Man
Marriage and family life
Your spiritual life


Living as a Catholic Man
· Brothers! Calling Catholic Men into Vital Relationships
· Signposts: How to be a Catholic Man in the World Today
· Boys to Men: The Transforming Power of Virtue


Marriage & Family
· Velvet & Steel, A Practical Guide for Christian Fathers and Grandfathers
· Restoring the Hearts of Fathers
· Safeguarding the Family


Spiritual Life
· Embracing the Kingdom, A Catholic Bible Study on Conversion
· The Seven Last Words of Christ, A Catholic Bible Study on Jesus' Passion


· A Starter kit for Catholic Men's Groups
· Parish Men's Group Video
· Discussion Group Facilitators' Training: A Multimedia Workshop

· A Starter kit for Catholic Men's Group Facilitators