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Regular sustenance to keep your soul healthy...


FOR MANY MEN who choose to regularly attend a local group throughout the year, their small group is the 'safe place' they can voluntarily be really honest with themselves and other guys. This is a 'feeding place' inbetween the banquets of fellowship and teaching offered at the annual weekends away.

Generally, our regular gatherings in small groups help us to get to grips with what is really happening in our lives and allow us to keep in touch with what is real.

Some groups,although not all, base their times together around the following seven questions:

1. What has most been on my mind?
2. What has been my closest moment to the Lord? 
(i.e. how’s your prayer life?)
3. What has been the high point since we last met?
4. What has been the low point since we last met?
5. What may the Lord be teaching me?
6. How is my service of the Lord/evangelising of others?
7. Where would I like input and/or prayer from my brothers?

The direction and content of a men's small group meeting are left to the discretion of those facilitating their local group with the understanding that, to be linked with theHarvesters network, groups would be led under the authority of Scripture, tradition and the Church's teaching.

Prayer, honest sharing and supportive friendship are the principal qualities that each group seeks to aim for.




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• A FRUIT OF THE WEEKENDS AWAY is the mushrooming of small - and sometimes larger - gatherings of men who choose to meet periodically in different locations across the country for camaraderie and the opportunity to share their lives with likeminded guys.

Ever found yourself needing a friend? Well, genuine friendship is one of the many fruits when men meet together with God at the centre....


• IF YOU HAVE NO ONE TO MEET WITH in your local area, then why not consider starting your own group of two or three men? It's not as hard or taxing as you might think. Click here to read one of many ways as to how to go about it....