Go, therefore, to ALL nations…

FOR SOME YEARS NOW the men ofHarvesters have been giving generously towards a number of initiatives, the principle one being Outreach to Africa. A team of two or three men presently head to a one or more of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania once or twice a year to teach, minister, inspire and encourage the work among men there.
Click here to read all about it and hear of the wondrous things that God is doing among our Catholic brothers.
We also hope to have a report soon about other newer initiatives that have begun across Eastern Europe which members of Harvesters have been involved in. Watch this space!

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• "Help!" was the cry from our Catholic brothers in East Africa several years ago. They'd heard about the successful weekends run by Harvesters and wanted to benefit from our experience and so invited a team to fly to Kenya and Uganda to help out
• If you, or anyone you know, is hoping to run a day or a weekend for men and wishes to invite someone from Harvesters to come and assist you then please don't hesitate to contact us.