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TOPICS PRESENTLY INCLUDED in Men's Issues are as follows:


male sexual abuse and rape

natural fertility management

We are presently gathering information on the following topics relevant to men:



debt problems


domestic violence (given or received by men)

fathers exiled from their families



infidelity and adultery


sexual addiction

single fathers

stress and anger management


NATURAL FAMILY PLANNING & the Creighton Method: A Man's Perspective
My wife and I had heard about natural family planning before we had our first child but had dismissed it. We were not to be ruled by the natural rhythms of our bodies and we certainly didn’t want to get familiar with bodily functions. But our hostility was mainly due to the fear that using natural family planning would involve having to talk about sex. It is that paradox which is part of sex – physically it’s a close as you’ll ever get but emotionally and spiritually you can be miles apart...



Couple apart

Psalm 107:15-16, 19-20

OH, THAT WE MEN would praise You Lord for Your goodness and loving-kindness... Some of us are fools and made ill because of the way of our transgressions and are afflicted because of our iniquities… Then we cry to You, O Lord, in our trouble, and You deliver us out of our distresses. You send forth Your Word and heal us and rescue us from the pit and destruction.