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Be Careful Out There
We have tried to screen and review our links. However, we cannot take responsibilty for the contents or changes in content or questionable links on other websites. Contents on websites linked here do not necessarily represent the views of Harvesters or those connected with this network. Please use your best judgement and be careful out there. May God guide your search.




Almighty and Eternal God, who created us in Your image and commanded us to seek after all that is good, true and beautiful, especially in the Divine Person of Your Only-begotten Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask You that, through the intercession of Saint Isidore, bishop and doctor, You will direct our hands and eyes as we surf the internet only to that which is pleasing to You, and that we might treat with charity and patience all those souls whom we encounter on our way.


Through Christ our Lord. Amen. 
Saint Isidore, Pray for us!





The Vatican - www.vatican.va
Possibly the most visited Catholic website in the world. THE definitive place to head for should you wish to find out anything to do with the Papacy, the head offices and departments of the global Catholic community, and links to more documents of Catholic teaching than you've probably time to read!

Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales - www.cbcew.org.uk
The official site of the English and Welsh Catholic Bishops. This includes links to diocesan websites across the UK and also to the different agencies and departments that serve the national Catholic Church in England and Wales.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal - www.ccr.org.uk
The official site of the National Service Committee for the Catholic charismatic renewal in England. It includes access to Good News magazine, information about prayer groups, communities, youth ministries, and events throughout the British Isles and Ireland. There is an extensive links section which is well worth bookmarking.

Scottish Catholic Charismatic Renewal - www.catholiccr-scotland.org.uk
The official site of Catholic charismatic renewal in Scotland. A beautiful and professional site with plenty of uptodate information.

Catholic Evangelisation Services/CaFE - www.catholicevangel.org
An incredible gift to the Catholic community not only in England and Wales but to many corners of the world. Learn about the CaFE series and resources and find out how to get people sharing their Christian faith with one another - and outside the parish gates!

CAFOD (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development) - www.cafod.org.uk
The official national and overseas aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

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National Resource Center for Catholic Men (USA) - www.catholicmensresources.org (also www.nrccm.org)
Now this site is certainly well worth an extended visit. The USA's National Resource Center for Catholic Men is a national organisation that serves regional and local Catholic men's fellowships and Catholic men's faith groups by providing resources, leadership training and communications.

Christian Men's Network - www.cmn.org.uk
The Christian Men's Network is a unique resource to teach men the truths of God's Word. It is comprised of men whose hearts have been touched by God to teach the truth that 'Manhood and Christlikeness are Synonymous'. It offers some great resources, especially videos which can be used in men's small groups.

Christian Viewpoint for Men - www.cvmen.org.uk
The aim of this organisation is to introduce every man in the UK to Jesus Christ. It seeks to encourage and equip Christian men in the UK to share their faith in Jesus Christ with their friends and colleagues.

getting God to work - www.gg2w.org.uk
This website exists to provide Christians in the workplace with every possible resource to help them be Godly at work. GG2W is provided to be a nationwide (UK) resource for Christians in the workplace, providing information that will: facilitate Christian fellowship, assist with workplace evangelism, equip Christians with biblical teaching on contemporary workplace issues.

True Knights (USA) - www.trueknights.org
True Knights is an informal confraternity of Christian men dedicated to strengthening the family through the teachings of Christ through His Church. They welcome Christian men of all ages, callings, and states in life: grandfathers wanting to strengthen their children and grandchildren; single men preparing for the vocation of marriage or priesthood and consecrated celibacy; and especially pastors serving as indispensable spiritual fathers in the family of God.

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PornNoMore.com (USA) - www.pornnomore.com 
A Catholic web site dedicated to aiding and ministering to those who desire to break their addiction to pornography. You are not alone. There is hope for you. Our principles are based upon Purity, Humility and love of God, along with a proven 12-step program.

'#1 Christian Porn Site' (USA) - www.xxxchurch.com 
An evangelistic site which encourages users to avoid pornography. With over 30 million hits since its launch early in 2003, it styles itself as "The #1 Christian Porn Site", to reach Internet pornography users with the Gospel. It offers Bible studies, a chat room and free software to keep track of sites a user visits and then sends a list to "accountability partners" that person has selected.

EnCourage - www.encouragetrust.org.uk
EnCourage is the UK's branch of Courage, the worldwide Catholic network to support men and women struggling with same-sex attraction. Its mission is to provide friendly and informal support based on traditional Roman Catholic principles to people of any faith who struggle with same-sex issues.

Living Waters UK - www.living-waters-uk.com
A fruit of Desert Streams Ministries in California, this organisation advises and supports on a wide range of sexual issues across the British Isles. It also provides courses and training in relation to specific areas of inner healing, especially relating to our true worth, our need for God as Father, gender and abuse issues and the area of sexual addiction and deviancy. It is one of the UK's leading interdenominational organisations seeking to address issues related to brokenness.

NARTH (USA) - www.narth.com
The National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality is a global collection of professionals who work in the medical, counselling and therapeutic fields with a specific interest and concern about homosexuality. It is a non-profit educational organisation dedicated to affirming a complementary, male-female model of gender and sexuality. Founded in 1992, it is composed of psychiatrists, psychologists, certified social workers, professional and poastoral counsellors and other behavioural scientists. This site contains a wealth of information and scientific insight around this contemporary topic.

Love and Responsibility Foundation (USA) - www.catholicculture.com
This web site is dedicated to increasing understanding of Pope John Paul II's teaching on human love and sexuality. The Pope has written with incredible beauty on this all-important topic. This site cannot help but motivate us as we read what he has written, as we learn from it, and in turn share what we have learnt with others.

Mastering Life Ministries (USA) - www.masteringlife.org 
A teaching/resource ministry called to equip the saints to redemptively minister to people trapped in sexual sin, both heterosexual and homosexual. MLM offers a Curriculum Sexual Healing, seminars and a web ministry that covers every major area of brokenness, including pornographic/sex addictions, masturbation, child sex abuse, homosexuality and more. Their materials have been written by David Kyle Foster and taught in seminars, churches and ministries interdenominationally throughout the world. Free newsletter available. (also visit www.harvestusa.org )

eXXit (USA) - www.eXXit.org 
This Christian site daily posts a three-minute Bible study to help porn strugglers stand strong and resist temptation. Some 1,500 past studies, searchable by word, phrase or Scripture reference, are also available on line. Visit this site for up-to-date helps for those with challenges in this area.

Be Broken Ministries (USA) - www.bebroken.com 
Be Broken Ministries exists to bring the healing power of Jesus Christ into the lives of men (and women) who struggle with sexual sin. Be Broken was born out of one man's personal journey to freedom and the amazing story of how God restored his marriage after it seemed all hope was lost. The ministry provides help, insight, encouragement, education, resources, and counselling for strugglers from a biblical perspective.

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Catholic Marriage Centre - www.catholicmarriagecentre.org.uk
A Christian residential Centre, open to Christian couples of all denominations, who are seeking wholeness in their marriage through teaching, counselling and healing prayer. A variety of courses are offered to suit all needs including marriage preparation, enrichment and the healing of broken marriages.

Central London FertilityCare™ Centre - www.fertilitycarecentre.co.uk
This centre offers the latest contemporary means of natural fertility management and professional assistance for those affected by infertility. Get informed about the latest, ground-breaking approach to reproductive healthcare. These issues may not affect you personally but you may well know someone who could benefit from this information. A must read for any parent or couple considering pregnancy.

Fathers' Prayers - www.fathersprayers.co.uk
Fathers' Prayers - an offshoot of Mothers' Prayers - is a rapidly growing network consisting of men who gather in groups to pray for themselves, for other men, for the children and families of the world and of course for mothers. With a booklet to guide men through a prayer gathering, this network offers an proven structure to assist men in bringing their intercessory needs before God.

Saint Joseph's Covenant Keepers (USA) - www.dads.org 
"We support Catholic fathers through workshops, conferences, spiritual formation, books, and audio tapes. The heart of our work is to bring dads into contact with God the Father. Order our free audio tape."

E5Men (USA) - www.e5men.org 
"E5" comes from Ephesians, Chapter 5: "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her." Jesus gave up his body for his bride, the Church, and E5 Men give up their bodies for their brides through fasting.

Effective Fathers Ministries (USA) - www.effectivefathers.com 
Effective Fathers Ministries offers resources, support and guidance to fathers and grandfathers through weekend seminars,audiotapes, videotapes and printed materials. We also offer nurturing and support to men's groups that grow out of the seminar experience.

National Center for Fathering (USA) - www.fathers.com 
Strengthening Families by Strengthening Fathers. This centre's mission is to inspire and equip men to be better fathers in response to the dramatic trend toward fatherlessness in America and throughout the Western world. The founder, Dr. Ken Canfield, conducts research on fathers and fathering to help develop practical resources for dads in nearly every fathering situation.

Great Dads (USA) - www.greatdads.org 
And another great resource for dads, whatever their age. Their vision is to see fathers turn their hearts to their children, thereby bringing joy to fathers strengthening families and renewing society. Their mission is to motivate fathers to turn their hearts to their children and to train them to be Great Dads through challenging pervasive father-absence, both physical absence and emotional-psychological absence.

Fatherville.com (USA) - www.fatherville.com 
Where Real Fathers Write About Real Fatherhood. Fatherville is a web site resource. It's for fathers, by fathers, and about fathers. The goal of this site is simple. We exist to help equip men to become better fathers through the sharing and application of articles written by real fathers from many different stages of fatherhood.

Focus on the Family - www.family.org 
Focus on the Family is a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening the home. Founded in 1977 by Dr. James Dobson, the organisation is now comprised of more than 80 different ministries, including eight separate radio broadcasts, 11 magazines, and a steady series of books and award-winning films.

Family Life - www.familylife.com 
Simply put, Family Life provides practical, biblical tools to strengthen and build your family relationships.

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Alcoholics for Christ (USA) - www.alcoholicsforchrist.com 
Alcoholics for Christ is an inter-denominational non-profit Christian fellowship that ministers to alcoholics or substance abusers, family members and adult children of dysfunctional families. Their chief goal is to direct and restore the alcoholic or substance abuser, the family member and adult children to a sincere and dedicated relationship with Jesus Christ through the written Word of God. As Jesus begins by healing the inner man and working outward, so they believe that as a person dies to self and is reborn to Christ; (2 Cor. 5:17) they can be totally released from oppression and fear that has kept them in bondage (John 8:36).

The Ascent Movement - www.ascentmovement.com 
The Ascent Movement is for older people who are seeking to develop their spirituality. It exists for men and women in their middle and later years who have reached a stage of life when more of their time is available for them to spend as they choose, be they retired from a more active life, having had to retire earlier than expected or having been made redundant.

The Bible - www.biblegateway.com 
A free service for reading and researching Scripture online. Eighteen versions of the English translation are available, with others accessible in forty languages. There are also 12 Audio Bibles and 16 Ebooks. For reference to the Catholic Bible, please visit www.nccbuscc.org/nab/bible/ for the New American Version of God's Word.

Catechism of the Catholic Church - www.christusrex.org 
Search engine in both English and Spanish accessing what the Catholic Church teaches and believes.

Catholic Bible School - www.catholic-bible-school.org 
The Catholic Bible School aims to provide opportunities, to all who are interested, to become more familiar with the Scriptures and to experience the power of the Living Word. It equips carers with counselling skills and training in Spiritual Direction.

Catholic Encyclopedia (USA) - www.newadvent.org/cathen 
An exhaustive listing with explanations of all that looks, smells and acts Catholic. A great place to start with your Catholic Q&A...

Catholicism Online (USA) - www.catholic.org 
One of those sites that offers everything that's Catholic, including a worldwide Catholic Search Engine.

CatholiCity (USA) - www.catholicity.com/links
CatholiCity is another serious-player in the list of Catholic websites. It has an extended links section with categories ranging from Apologetics & Evangelisation, to Marriage & Family Life and Spirituality.

Catholic.net (USA) - www.catholic.net
In this new web site you'll find access to leading Catholic magazines and newspapers, papal encyclicals, Church documents, helpful devotional services, all provided in a new, smartly-designed and streamlined format. Every day, there is the latest Catholic news from around the world straight from the highly-regarded, Rome-based Zenit News Service. And on a weekly basis, you be able to sample the most relevant and stimulating Catholic content culled from hundreds of Catholic publications and web sites.

Cursillos in Christianity - www.cursillo.org.uk 
Cursillo's internationally renowned three-day retreat looks at What it actually means to be a Christian. It is open to all who wish to explore their faith and its implication for their lives and membership of the Church. Deepen your faith; discover a new pathway for your life; find healing for past hurts which may be hindering God's will for your life.

Independent Catholic News - www.indcatholicnews.com
The first independent daily Catholic news service in the UK. It is run by Catholic journalists based in London and offers unbiased reporting on items of interest within the Church. You can request daily news updates to be e-mailed directly to your mailbox. Also includes Saint of the day, Sunday Reflection and extensive links page.

Liturgy of the Hours - www.liturgyhours.org
This site offers daily Liturgy of the Hours: Morning, Midday, Evening and Night Prayer plus the Office of Readings. The prayers are offered in Adobe Acrobat formats that print as booklets, display on PCs and mobile devices, and 'Read Out Loud' on PCs.

Newswatch - www.newswatch.org.uk
This free web service from the Bible Society offers national news stories on the Church from both the UK and internationally, and all the important news from across the Church Press, brought to you free of charge weekly in an e-mail. Newswatch gives balanced summaries of the news plus hot links to full stories, connecting you with the latest news and opinion from Christian and world media.

Profit With Principle - www.profitwithprinciple.co.uk
An independent ethical investment site that provides access to quality information and financial services to help you Profit with Principle. This has been rated as one of the UK's leading ethical financial planners, one of only a few IFA's to have been independently acknowledged as a specialist in the field of Ethical and Socially Responsible Investment. It offers a service that meets clients' ethical and financial needs.

Premier Christian Radio - www.premier.org.uk
The UK's forerunner in Christian radio with around 400,000 listeners regularly tuning in to listen making it Britain's largest Christian media initiative. Premier conveys the significance of the life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why not log on and listen in?

Vatican Radio - www.105live.vaticanradio.org 
Tune in to Catholic news and stories from across the globe. Hear the latest from the Vatican and find out what Pope John Paul II is saying to the Church. A site that you and your family can confidently trust. Most programmes are available in RealAudio and MP3 formats from the download page.

'Word Among Us' (USA) - www.wau.org 
These resources will help Catholic men grow in their spiritual life, their marriage and family life, their jobs, and every aspect of their lives as men. These books can be used for individual study, or in small men's groups, since all of them have discussion questions associated with each topic/chapter. This site is constantly adding new men's resources on a regular basis.

Xt3 - www.Xt3.com 
Xt3 describes itself as "a multimedia company created for and by young Christians whose desire is to build a new culture. It is a place of unity, vision and hope for all young Christians wher everyone can express themselves using God-given gifts in order to share faith and creativity through any medium, whether that's art, design, music, word or vision."

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