Blood Pressure & Heart Disease


 At least one in 10 adult males has a high blood pressure (hypertension) -  consistently raised above 140/90 mmHg, but we remain unaware of this  important health problem. A further 13 per cent of us are receiving  treatment for hypertension, but around half of these still have an  unacceptably high blood pressure. Unfortunately, as high blood pressure usually causes no obvious symptoms, it's easy to miss a diagnosis.


If you haven't had your blood pressure checked in the last year or two, you may like to consider making an appointment to see the nurse at your GP surgery.

 Men aged 55 to 74 are twice as likely to have suffered a heart attack or stroke as women  of the same age and overall, one in four men will eventually die from coronary heart  disease. One in five men die prematurely - before the age of 75 - from diseases of the  heart and circulatory system.

 To beat these odds, it is srongly advisable to adopt a healthier lifestyle with regular exercise, no smoking, and to keep your alcohol intake to no more than three to four units of alcohol per week with at least a couple of alcohol-free days (one pint of normal strength beer contains two units). If you are overweight, or heart problems run in the family, it's a good idea to have your cholesterol levels checked. Another risk factor is homocysteine, an amino acid that damages artery linings if levels are too high. This can be checked with a blood test.  

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